How the Democratic Party Must Transcend Trump Hate, Stare Down the Real Enemy, and Lead the Way to Uphold Justice

We’re a liberal family.

My mother spent years working in the civil rights movement during the 1960s. She registered African American voters in the deep South, which almost got her killed.

After graduating from Georgetown Law School, my father led the legal aid program in our city. He then spent 30 years educating law students on the finer points of the U.S. Constitution.

Growing up, Ronald Reagan routinely bore the brunt of many jokes around our dinner table. There was…

Resisting Trump and quelling ‘disinformation’ has empowered media and big tech to forge a new reality for our minds, but who really benefits?

When people have been brainwashed, do they know it?

Of course, the term implies a lack of awareness, but I mean, deep down… is there a sense that something is… off?

We typically think that those susceptible to brainwashing are the uneducated or otherwise vulnerable, but a cursory glance at recent history suggests quite the contrary.

In Nazi Germany, the equivalent of PhDs and even some well versed in the fine arts and literature were among the…

Jon Kunsman

Raised in New Mexico, educated at Wesleyan U., with a career in software systems and a heart dedicated to human rights in China. Father of two, husband of one.

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